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Super Tan Bros, Shopify Ecommerce And Dropshipping

Super Tan Bros, Evan and Steve, present for business owners looking to succeed online.

With a large portion of retail purchases moving online in the last few years, many are seeking ways to cash in on the trend. One of the leading platforms currently is called Shopify. They allow a new ecommerce seller to quickly and easily create an online store. Retail, in years past, used to be an expensive proposition. Huge expenses to lease a physical building and then there was the cost of inventory all of which could quickly exceed $100,000 or more.

In contrast, with online store builders like Shopify, you can post your items for sale, market and sell your items, all without the requirement of warehousing or stocking even one physical product. This is the drop-shipping business model that attracts thousands of entrepreneurs every year. This popular model allows you to focus your attention on growing your business and providing great customer service.

One of the most attractive aspects to this new model is the ability to have several vendors to choose from the ship directly to your customers. The entire process can potentially be automated from customer order to the manufacturer shipping the product right to the end user. You also have the ability to utilize multiple vendor suppliers to address your product inventory and shipping needs.

Many new ecommerce business owners view dropshipping as the best solutions for building a brandable online retail store. Shopify ecommerce helps level the playing field since it doesn’t require large start-up expenses. Most shop owners love the flexibility to run a second source of income without having to give up their primary income source. (more…)