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Who Is Steve Tan and What Can He Teach You About Ecom Success?

As one of the leading e-commerce authorities, Steve Tan has seen both massive success and a few failures along the way. He offers training programs and retreats to let would-be entrepreneurs join him to learn how to succeed at e-commerce themselves. It takes more than an Amazon store and some dropshipping plans to get by.

Who Is Steve Tan?

Steve got his start in college when he began selling things on eBay in 2006. He did well enough to launch his own online store which began netting him $500K a month. But, by the time 2010 rolled around his ideas for startups faltered. He launched a cosmetic business and a business similar to Groupon in Shanghai. Both caused him to have to return to a job.

He worked in a company with his parents while he regrouped and began working on his next big idea. It was a smartwatch which he crowdfunded and launched in 2012. It still sells to this day, but the Kreyos was not the success he wanted. With his brother’s help, he was able to get back into e-commerce.

The two of them launched a new online store. This time, he was careful to find products that really succeeded at selling consistently. If they did, he would scale them and use massive marketing techniques through Facebook to target the right niche market for them. It wasn’t long before he and his brother saw figures as much as $360,000 in one day.

With his continued success, he brings an authoritative and clear-cut guide for new beginners to learn how to make it in e-commerce. (more…)